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Lovely man, wonderful experience! I usually go to an ophthalmologist, but this time I needed an exam for my driver’s license renewal, and I was also on chemotherapy at the time and on a very structured time-line.Took a chance on Dr. Chan as his office is in my local Costco. The exam he did was exactly the same as my ophthalmologist, and he had all the same equipment. The prescription he gave me is the best I’ve ever had – my eyesight is corrected to 20/20. Very satisfied, will definitely use him again. Recommend him very highly.


I can’t say enough positive things! First – the office and waiting area are clean & pleasant, and his technical equipment appears to be state-of-the-art (though that’s not my field). I’m a health care professional of 30yrs. – both in-hospital, and office setting – and I can tell you this man is on top of his game! Knowledgeable, thoughtful, honest – a listener! And above all, thorough! I have NEVER had as thorough an exam, and he made it clear that he really, really, really didn’t want t sell me contacts. It wouldn’t correct my problem, I wouldn’t be happy, and I would only be wasting my time and money. Now honestly, when was the last time you heard that from any kind of practitioner? He answered all of my questions (I tend to be medically curious, especially involving my own body), with ease – not that ‘controlled patience’ that, quite honestly, I think I may have once provoked. Again, I was especially impressed with his knowledge and thoroughness. Thank you, Dr. Chan!

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